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Since its formation in 1993, the Clare Association of Artists and Craft Workers has successfully encouraged individual craftspeople to work and develop together as a group with a common objective.  Since then, the association, now called Clare Crafts, has involved itself in organising exhibitions and craft fairs, creating an awareness of the quality of art and craft made in Clare. Clare Crafts has been a source of inspiration and information to groups in other counties helping to develop their own associations.  It has involved itself locally within the community, raising awareness for various charity groups, as well as keeping employment local and generally rural.  It continuously welcomes new members who breath new life and ideas into the association.  Marketing our products together is vital to our sustainability. As a voluntary group, the association has achieved much, it is capable and now ready to achieve more. By developing this web site we are highlighting the work of our association as a whole while giving our individual members a forum to display their services and products.

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+353 (0)87 316 1766

New members are always welcome. We meet in the Old Ground Hotel in Ennis on the first Tuesday of every month as will be notified.