Creative Clay

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(I Create beautiful ceramics to Inspire your Desire to own beautiful ceramics)

Creative Clay is a contemporary Ceramic workshop at Ballycasey Craft & Design centre

My work is slab-built using white Stoneware clay. The shape of my wall plaques is determined by the natural form that occurs from rolling out a ball of clay. The slabs for the vases are squared off at the bottom but the top is cut and shaped to represent metal that has rusted and eroded at the hands of Mother Nature. Each piece is then decorated and hand painted before bisque firing. They are then glazed in a clear Stoneware glaze.

I specialize in making square Vases, Wall Plaques and Sculptural Garden Planters. No two pieces are the same, so when you own a piece of Creative Clay you know you have something special.

Raquel Walton

Ballycasey Craft & Design centre

Shannon, Co. Clare


Twitter: @Creativeclay_4u