Tom Bromell Homeland Candles

Tom Bromell uses a blend of the finest wax, UV protected colour, untreated natural cotton wick and high quality aromatic fragrance oils in the manufacture of his Homeland Candles.
An all Irish product, it is individually hand crafted in County Limerick the traditional way with a modern twist.
To create our Vintage pillar collection we blend a precise combination of ingredients poured under controlled speed & temperature. Our slow cooling process gives our candles an excellent glow when burning, also offering excellent fragrance throw from the entire area of the candle. We produce a large variety of sizes and fragrances to choose from with an old world look and feel to each candle. We use a blend of the finest wax, UV protected colour & untreated natural cotton wick with a blend of high quality aromatic candle fragrance oils. No glass or metal containers, no excess packaging. Just a traditional design made better.

Contact Details:

Tom Bromell

Telephone: +353 61 353036
Mobile +353 85 1755671