Clonfadda Handmade Soap

Handmade soaps, bath bombs and gifts

About Clonfadda Handmade Soap

Clonfadda Soaps are handmade in the traditional way in Killaloe, Co. Clare.
After years researching and testing different techniques and ingredients, today I am just as passionate (or is it obsessed) with all things soap, and I still get excited when I open the soap room in the morning.
To me soap is a thing of beauty that engages all the senses. The scent, feel and look of a beautiful bar may not change your life, but it might just brighten your day a little bit.
Each product has it’s own colourful personality to suit your mood: Calming, flirty, uplifting, or energising. The finest oils along with a dollop of love and a twist of artistry, make soaps that look as good as they feel on your skin.
I also produce other skin loving products from sensuous organic body butters for dry skin; bubble bath bombs loaded with epsom salts and blissful scents that are the ultimate antidote to a hard day at work; and luscious lip balms that leave you simply kissable.

Marie McCallan
Owner- Clonfadda Soaps


Clonfadda Soaps, Clonfadda, Killaloe, Co Clare