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Beauty and magic through photography

About F8 Photos

F8 Photography is the work of two photographers who have been passionate about our art for many years. We both admit to growing up with a camera in our hands and this turned into an obsession over the years. We have captured many images in a huge variety of areas that guarantee to excite anyone that has an appreciation for such beauty.

The drama and artistry of our photographs are the result of having a strong eye for composition and a mastery of capturing light.
We feel a strong bond to County Clare and have a passion to capture and share its beauty and magic through our photography, as well as the Irish landscape generally, and beyond landscape capturing a large variety of flora and fauna especially of the stunning Burren in North Clare. Travel also features in many of our works.

We believe in the craft of photography and for the detail required to ensure the highest quality of the image right through to the final print.

F8 Photos