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Our products

Tea cosies
Tea cosies come in two sizes:
-Regular w/about a 5-5.5 inch base, about 12” tall
-Extra large with a 6 inch base and about 13” tall
They keep the tea hot (steaming) for at least 2 hours.
The design allows you to keep the cosy on while your pour the tea.
They come in floral, seasonal, and tea-themed fabrics.

Cafetiere cosies
Cafetiere cosies come in 4 sizes:
2-cup, 4-cup, 8-cup, and 10/12 cup.
If your cafetiere is different than those pictured, I can design one to fit yours if I can have the loan of it. I can make matching fabric tea and cafetiere cosies.

Children’s aprons
Children’s aprons are available in gender neutral and girl’s.

Flannel Burping Pads
Flannel Burping Pads come in a set of 3.
There is another pattern on the back of each pad with a cotton quilt batt between the two flannel pieces. They keep your shoulders dry and are soft to baby’s face.

Baby Bibs
Baby Bibs come in kid-appealing fabrics with topics of interest for girls and boys and gender neutral if they are a gift before baby is born. They consist of the main fabric, a cotton quilt batt, and a sheet for backing.
They are quilted in an all-over design and bound with cotton/poly binding in a colour that complements the main fabric They will fit a small baby and up to a 3-yr-old child.



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